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Our Stem Cells are harvested directly from umbilical cord tissue and are processed in a FDA registered lab. Unlike short term solutions like cortisone shots, stem cell injections aid in lubricating joints and tendons, stimulate new cartilage and tissue growth and may provide much needed pain relief.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A

How do Stem Cells work? 

Stem Cells (also called mesenchymal cells) have exceptional ability to take on the behavior and characteristics of their surrounding cells.  Essentially providing the body with the ability to repair itself without the need to undergo a surgical procedure.

Unlike short term solutions like cortisone shots, stem cell injections also aid in lubricating joints and tendons, stimulating new cartilage and tissue growth, providing much needed pain relief and aiding in the reduction of inflammation. 


What are the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are the body’s repair system. Their main function is to maintain and trigger healing for damaged tissues and then replace cells that aren’t performing at 100 percent. Regenerative Medicine helps the body to naturally repair itself by reducing edema and to support our natural healing process. 

If you have been suffering from joint and/or soft tissue injuries, stem cell can often lead to relief and the repair of damaged cells with little to no downtime.  Results will vary among patients, but many report experiencing pain relief in as little as one week. 

Is Stem Cell Therapy safe?

Yes. Stem cells come from donated umbilical cord of healthy C-sections in a hospital setting. They come from the part of the umbilical cord that is 'immune-neutral,' so they can go into any body for regeneration. Stem cell donors go through rigorous testing put in place by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

At Dynamic Integrative Health, we are currently providing Regenerative Medicine for musculoskeletal and arthritic joint pain. If you would like to learn more about regenerative medicine that is offered in our office, please sign up for a free consultation today.